Bryce Haack
I grew up in a family that was "well-equipped" when it came to cameras and camcorders. Because of this I have always found myself snapping photos and taking videos but I never took it very serious until I got my hands on my mom's old DSLR which was the first digital Canon Rebel. After I began switching out lenses and seeing the possibilities it presented I was hooked. My preference has always been being outdoors whenever possible so it was very natural for me to focus my photography on the things I was doing and seeing outside. 

I am now an outdoor photographer based out of Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota. I specialize in capturing outdoor adventures and exploration. In the past few years one of my major focuses has been paddle boarding. There is nothing quite like getting out and exploring a lake that's as smooth as glass while taking in the scenery and wildlife. Photographing on and around water offers me an environment I just can't get enough of. 
I am the Midwest Contributor for the Stand Up Journal. Check out some of my recent work with the paddle boarding publication the Stand Up Journal through the link below.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions and inquiries you may have!